Threat Detection

Biological, Chemical, and Radiation

A potentially high consequence event such as release or exposure to chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals, biological agents or radiological materials could have severe human, economic and logistical impacts to the effected facilities and organizations. Currently, the vast majority of high occupancy commercial facilities in the United States remain unprotected and incapable of detecting intrusions of these compounds into the internal building environment. Additionally, these facilities and occupants remain largely unprepared to respond appropriately to a release or exposure event. Considering the limitless possibilities of unconventional or asymmetrical attacks and high consequence results, it is critical to provide these facilities with some measure of environmental situational awareness. Stapleton Group can design permanent non-intrusive monitoring systems for facilities such as buildings, transportation terminals and sports/entertainment venues and temporary systems for high profile special events.

Detection programs are available for Chemical Warfare Agent/Toxic Industrial Chemicals, Biological Threat Agents such as Anthrax and Ricin, and Radioisotopes.

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Bruker Corporation

The Best in Canine Security
Stapleton Group draws upon an unsurpassed and highly successful history of training and deploying the finest explosive detection canine teams in the United States. Our explosive detection canine teams are certified by the International Police Work Dog Association-Phase 2 and all of our canines train on live explosives at our state of the art canine training facility located in eastern Pennsylvania. We are proud to offer two types of explosive detector dogs; “Conventional” and “Vapor Wake”.


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