Remote X-Ray Screening Support

SecureTech Remote X-Ray screening support provides your screeners with instant access to elite bomb technicians from law enforcement agencies throughout the nation to evaluate questionable images and items in real-time. Through an innovative and secure live video and voice connection, the screener and bomb technician collaboratively examine suspicious images and articles to determine if a dangerous substance or device is present. This expert level remote support effectively minimizes needless operational disruptions, enhances screening accuracy and speeds screening system throughput.

SecureTech is a simple, cost effective supplementary layer of subject matter expertise available to enhance screening programs anywhere in the world.

The Best in Canine Security
Stapleton Group draws upon an unsurpassed and highly successful history of training and deploying the finest explosive detection canine teams in the United States. Our explosive detection canine teams are certified by the International Police Work Dog Association-Phase 2 and all of our canines train on live explosives at our state of the art canine training facility located in eastern Pennsylvania. We are proud to offer two types of explosive detector dogs; “Conventional” and “Vapor Wake”.


Security available 24/7