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January 22, 2013

Industry Leader Michael Stapleton and Counter-Terrorism Professional Robert Martin Join Together to Enhance Stapleton Group Capabilities

"Stapleton Group is forever linked to counter-terrorism, and with the addition of Bob Martin to our executive team we continue to improve as industry leaders. Bob and I first met over 40 years ago when we were both patrolmen in the NYPD's fabled Tactical Patrol Force (TPF). I could go on about his extensive law enforcement / terrorism background, but his resume and thoughts from two of his law enforcement colleagues speak for themselves." - Michael Stapleton

Bob Martin served for 32 years with the New York City Police Department, retiring in 2000 as a Deputy Inspector. During his last 10 years of service he supervised the New York Joint Terrorist Task Force and participated in many high-profile investigations. These would include the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, the Blind Sheik bombing conspiracy, the crash of TWA Flight 800 and the rescue of kidnapped tuxedo manufacturer Harvey Weinstein.

Mr. Martin's work in counter-terrorism was recognized by his appointment to the International Association of Chiefs of Police "Committee on Terrorism." In 2004 he was appointed to the Oklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism. He has been designated a Terrorism Subject Matter Expert by the U.S. Department of Justice's Office for Domestic Preparedness and has assisted that office in formulating counter-terrorism strategies. He has traveled around the world lecturing on the threat of terrorism and served as a consultant on terrorism and security matters with a number of security firms and major corporations. He was on the faculty at Molloy College on Long Island, teaching criminal justice and terrorism courses.

In 2001, Mr. Martin accepted the position of Director of Security at the Anti-Defamation League, coordinating security at major events and at the League's 30 offices in the United States and Israel. In 2004 he led a law enforcement mission to Israel and was chosen by the FBI to conduct training for personnel assigned to Joint Terrorist Task Forces.

"With Bob's vast law enforcement and counter-terrorism experience, he fully understands the challenges facing our country. He will be a tremendous asset to Stapleton Group." - Dale Watson, former FBI Executive Assistant Director for National Security (Counter-intelligence/Counter-terrorism)

"Bob Martin is well known and respected in the security/counter-terrorism worlds. His efforts on behalf of the IACP's "Committee on Terrorism" contributed greatly to its success." - Joseph Estey, past president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police

"With the current security concerns surrounding this country and abroad, the addition of Bob Martin as Stapleton Group Senior Advisor allows us to provide our clients unsurpassed experience and expertise. Mr. Martin will be invaluable in helping Stapleton Group provide the first-class service our clients expect and deserve." - Paul Stapleton

Stapleton Group, Inc.

Stapleton Group is a premier provider of services that strengthen security programs by mitigating the threat of explosive devices, weapons-of-mass destruction, and high-consequence intruders. Our business model leverages the unique knowledge, training and experience of retired and active members of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) Bomb Squad and Emergency Services Unit, as well as other elite law enforcement and military organizations.

Stapleton Group executives and staff bring years of unequaled knowledge and experience in the deployment of innovative security services such as Explosive Detection Canines, Remote X-Ray Screening support, Maritime/Aviation Security, and Chemical/ Biological/Radiological Threat detection, Special Events, High Risk perimeter protection, and conducts training for First Responders throughout our nation.

Stapleton Group may be reached at 212-945-0336 or please visit our website at

For more information about how Mr. Martin can assist in your security needs please contact him at

December 19, 2012

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Larry Sechuk with Brian Murphy and Raven from Stapleton Group

This is a first time ever look behind the scenes of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from an LP operational perspective. The information being shared for our reader will give you a look at the complexity of coordinating large scale national events with law enforcement and the measures taken by LP to protect the brand.

The 86th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade took place on Thursday, November 22nd 2012 at 9:00 am in New York City. It is estimated that upwards of 3 million viewers line the parade route from the starting point at 77th Street down to its final destination at the Macy’s Flagship Herald Square store at 34th Street. In addition, the audience on NBC’s nationwide broadcast allows another 50 million people to make the parade part of their Thanksgiving tradition.

Macy’s Loss Prevention plan is put together by Larry Sechuk-VP Law Enforcement Outreach/Special Operations, Walter Avelin- LP Operations/Law Enforcement Liasion and Dave Dagney-LP National Events. The planning process begins in February. There are four distinct operations; rehearsal, balloon inflation, parade and dismantling/deflation. They are spread over four days. As the safety of attendees is of paramount importance meetings are held with NYPD, FDNY, Port Authority Police, FBI and DHS to identify potential issues and develop contingency plans. Starting in September Sechuk provides monthly updates to Tom Roan-Group Vice President / LP. A final review of the Loss Prevention plan is presented to senior management by Roan and Sechuk two weeks before the parade.

The Loss Prevention Team must also coordinate crowd control and protection for talent during rehearsals at Herald Square on the three nights before the actual parade. One of the busiest crosstown streets, 34th Street, is closed each night to allow performers and the camera crews to coordinate timing and ensure that the marks are hit.

The Balloon Inflation takes place on Wednesday at 77th and Central Park West. This has become a major event as well. It draws tens of thousands of onlookers who want to get a sneak peek at the balloons. At 10:00 pm the process of clearing the inflation viewing audience from the perimeter around the Museum of Natural History begins. Once this is accomplished Central Park West must be made ready to stage the float convoy. This year 55 floats were part of the parade. The convoy is escorted by Macy’s LP, and Police through 45 of busiest streets in Manhattan get to their destination on Central Park West.

During the overnight hours Macy’s LP must prepare access routes for guests who have tickets to the grandstands. They must also maintain a secure perimeter from 67th Street to 86th Street to keep unauthorized personnel out of the staging areas. At the same time a separate LP operation seals off 34th Street outside the Herald Square store to allow construction of the grandstands.

Thanksgiving morning presents its own set of challenges.

  • Macy’s grandstands uptown and downtown allow over 17,000 ticketed guests to view the parade from some of the best viewing locations along the route. Macy’s LP partners with the Stapleton Group and their Vapor Wake K-9 dogs to screen all guests prior to reaching the stands.
  • Thousands of volunteers who march in the parade must be brought to secure locations to be costumed and then brought to the start line at Central Park West.
  • A separate operation for the 800 children who ride the floats must be staffed and managed by the LP team.
  • A ‘frozen zone’ from 34th Street to 39th Street and from Broadway to 8th Avenue must be created and maintained to facilitate the dismantling of floats and deflation of the balloons.
  • All celebrities who ride the floats must be escorted at all times during the parade.

After months of preparation and planning it is finally time for a parade! Over 150 Macy Loss Prevention executives team up with the FBI, DHS, FDNY and thousands of New York’s finest to ensure that the parade goes according to plan without incident and that Santa arrives at Herald Square promptly at 12 noon.

In addition to the parade in NYC Sechuk and his team are also involved with the planning and safeguards at Macy’s events nationwide during Thanksgiving week. These include; 2 additional parades, 5 tree lightings and 6 window unveilings. All of this in addition to normal 4th Quarter activities that the team is involved with!

October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

SecureTech X-Ray Stapleton Group is proud to report that throughout this challenging weather event our core countermeasure services, especially our SecureTech Remote X-Ray Screening Support maintained uninterrupted continuous, fully functional operations ensuring our clients maintained real-time communications with our remotely located Bomb Technicians.

SecureTech, because of its highly flexible cloud-based architecture is immune to the vulnerabilities faced by static, command center operation models. Additionally, SecureTech is not dependent on typically unreliable and unpredictable off-site recovery sites that in this event, due to the size of the footprint of the storm would be disabled as well.

September 29, 2012

Fedcap Veteran Services Job Fair

Fedcap Veteran Services Job Fair at Yankee Stadium

Paul Stapleton and Karl Hagstrom

Karl Hagstrom and Paul Stapleton of the Stapleton Group talked to veterans about his agency during a job fair introducing veterans to careers in the security and private investigations industry Friday, Sept. 28, 2012 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York. About 70 veterans attended the event, hosted by Fedcap Veteran Services, where they were given the opportunity to connect with nine different employers in the security and private investigations industry looking to hire veterans.

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Sept 13, 2012

ASIS show in Philadelphia

Stapleton Group at ASIS
Stapleton group enjoyed a productive 3 days at the ASIS show in Philadelphia. Vapor wake canine Raven enjoyed the event as well. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello

July 4, 2012

Stapleton Group and Explosive Countermeasures International form Strategic Alliance

Explosive Countermeasures International, Inc. and Stapleton Group Stapleton Group and Explosive Countermeasures International, Inc. (ECI) have established a strategic alliance between the two companies, continuing to build upon a 15 year professional relationship. This formalized business relationship between two highly respected innovators in the explosive detection/security industry will allow the two organizations to fully leverage their combined capabilities through the convergence of individual sales & marketing and operational & logistical competencies.

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June 21, 2012

Stapleton Group attends Hiring Our Heros event

Paul and Michael Stapleton represent Stapleton Group at the US Chamber of Commerce's Hiring Our Heros event held at Deutsche Bank on Thursday, June 21 in New York City. The event was open to employers who are committed to hiring our veterans and to veteran job seekers, active duty military members, Guard and Reserve members, and military spouses.

June 19, 2012

Marshalls Creek training camp teaches Labradors to sniff for explosives

Front page of Pocono Record
by: Andrew Scott

Photo by David Kidwell/Pocono Record - June 19, 2012 If someone carrying concealed explosives enters, what's hidden will leave a scent or vapor in that person's wake for the dog to detect and track to its source.

"This way, you don't have to stop and search people one by one as they enter," said Paul Stapleton of Marshalls Creek, president and managing director who oversees the training of "vapor wake detection" dogs for the Stapleton Group.

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April 26, 2012

‘Vapor Wake’ dogs can detect body-worn explosives by sniffing a plume of air

From Government Security News
by: Jacob Goodwin

GSN - Government Security News The Stapleton Group, of New York, NY, which operates its own training facility in Marshalls Creek, PA, uses Vapor Wake dogs and finds them much more independent than traditional canine sniffers. “Conventional canines depend on their handlers,” explained Stapleton’s Brian Murphy. “These Vapor Wake dogs work out in front of me.”

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April 19, 2012

SafeMail New York Partners With Stapleton Group to Offer the Most Advanced Mail Screening Service

SafeMail New York, the New York Metropolitan Area’s premier offsite mail screening and distribution facility, announces its strategic partnership with the world’s foremost security experts of Stapleton Group, the same innovators that have overseen the certification of two explosive detection programs for the Department of Homeland Security “Safety Act”. Read more...

SafeMail website press release...
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March 5, 2012

The Best Are Back!

Stapleton Group opens new offices in downtown Manhattan. Our new address is 65 Broadway Suite 1800 in the historic American Express building near the corner of Rector Street. Funny how things work out...our new space is only a few short blocks from our old address at 47 West Street. We welcome all of our old friends, colleagues and clients to stop by say hello, have a cup of coffee and catch up with us and learn about the exciting future ahead.

March 4, 2012

Professional Affiliations

International Police and Work Dog Association Stapleton Group is proud to be a member of the International Police Work Dog Association. We follow the guidelines set forth for all specialty areas certification and accreditation.

In addition, we are affiliated with:

The Best in Canine Security
Stapleton Group draws upon an unsurpassed and highly successful history of training and deploying the finest explosive detection canine teams in the United States. Our explosive detection canine teams are certified by the International Police Work Dog Association-Phase 2 and all of our canines train on live explosives at our state of the art canine training facility located in eastern Pennsylvania. We are proud to offer two types of explosive detector dogs; “Conventional” and “Vapor Wake”.


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