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Paul Stapleton   
Paul Stapleton brings over two decades of experience and excellence in all facets of the working dog industry, having spent much of his career working alongside his father Michael. He spent nearly two decades with the family-founded, Michael Stapleton Associates and subsquently became the director of canine services for T & M Protection Resources before that company sold its division. Paul has extensive experience in both operations and client management. Paul is an industry leader pioneering innovative and effective methodologies in training and deploying explosive detection canines to sensitive missions including targeted landmarks, Fortune 500 companies, college campuses, and high profile special events throughout the United States.

Paul has devoted his career to the training, development and education of detection canines and their handlers. Paul designed and operates Stapleton Groupís state of the art canine training facility in northeastern Pennsylvania and is licensed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to utilize live explosives in the canine training process. Paul enjoys a strong professional relationship with the Auburn University's Canine Detection Research Institute-Vapor Wake Detection program and has developed a refresher trainer ďtrain the trainerĒ program to effectively and efficiently integrate these high performance detector dogs into their post-graduation working environment.

Paul Stapleton oversees all aspects of explosive detection canine training, deployment and quality assurance. He is a member of the International Police Work Dog Association with multiple certifications, graduated from the F.A.A. Explosive Detection program, TSA International Explosive Detection course, and the Air Transport Association of America handlers program. He is a member of ASIS International, NDA, and the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators.


Michael Stapleton   
Michael Stapleton, was the founder of the New York City based firm Michael Stapleton Associates. Michael separated from that firm in 2005 and subsequently worked on the development of a new training facility and training techniques for canine teams. The firm created by Michael and his son Paul, Camp Frontline, worked exclusively with T & M Protection Resources on the improvement of the explosive detection canine program.

Michael retired from the NYPD after serving almost 21 years, most of that time with the elite Emergency Service Unit. Since 1987, Michael has been an innovator and industry leader in explosives detection, maritime and special events security. With the Stapleton Group, Mike rejoins the private security sector with his son Paul Stapleton and reunites with several key management personnel from his previous firm. The Stapleton Group team is excited to once again provide ďbest in classĒ specialized security services with unparalleled customer service and unsurpassed quality.


Bob Martin   
Robert Martin served for 32 years with the New York City Police Department, retiring as a Deputy Inspector in March 2000. During his last 10 years of service he supervised the New York Joint Terrorist Task Force and participated in many high profile investigations. These would include: the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, the Blind Sheik bombing conspiracy, the crash of TWA Flight 800 and the rescue of kidnapped tuxedo manufacturer Harvey Weinstein.

In 1996 Mr. Martin's work in counterterrorism was recognized by his appointment to the International Association of Chiefs of Police "Committee on Terrorism." In 2002 he was appointed to the Oklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism. He has been designated a Terrorism Subject Matter Expert by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office for Domestic Preparedness and has assisted that office in formulating counter terrorism strategies. He has traveled around the world lecturing on the threat of terrorism and served as a consultant on terrorism and security matters with a number of security firms and major corporations. He was on the faculty at Molloy College on Long Island, teaching criminal justice and terrorism courses. In 2001, Mr. Martin accepted the position of Director of Security at the Anti Defamation League, coordinating security at major events and at the League's 30 offices in the United States and Israel. In 2004 he led a law enforcement mission to Israel and was chosen by the FBI to conduct training for personnel assigned to Joint Terrorist Task Forces.

A published author, his work has been seen in The Badge-The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin-First Call-the New York Daily News and the New York Post. His article-A Team and a Family-the story of the NYPD Football Team-was published as a cover story in Newsday-LI Life.


John Lambkin   
John Lambkin retired from the NYPD after serving almost 21 years, most of that time with the Emergency Services Unit. During his time with the NYPD, he was a certified Emergency Medical Technician, defensive tactics and ground defense instructor. John is also trained to the technician level for emergency response to incidents of terrorist bombings, hazardous materials, chemical and biological and weapons of mass destruction. He served as team leader for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) New York Task Force Urban Search and Rescue team during the response to the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center.

After his career in public service, he successfully transitioned to the private sector with Michael Stapleton Associates (MSA) where he developed compliance programs in relation to the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 (MTSA) by providing consulting and security outsourcing services to the maritime operators, agencies and cruise lines that operate from the port of New York and New Jersey. As Director of Maritime Security, John provided vulnerability assessments, facilities security plans, explosive detection canines and other countermeasures to safeguard the ports and facilities in the New York City Metropolitan Area. He successfully provided clients with a range of specialized maritime security consulting services including the successful preparation of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) port security grants; resulting in $500,000 in federal funds to enhance security program.

In 2009 John assumed the responsibilities of Director of Security for Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, a world-class outdoor amphitheater, home of the original Woodstock Music Festival.

John developed the coordination programs for aspects of this entertainment security operation (both in-house and contract security staff) for the civilian concert stage, artist security, events and the museum while maintaining cost effective operations within a not-for-profit institution. The preparation, organization and cooridination of the large scale operational security measures for the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock Music Festival were John's responsibility, where over 15,000 guests attended. The event was broadcast worldwide by over 75 media outlets.


Karl Hagstrom   
Prior to Karl joining Stapleton Group he worked as Director of Special Operations at T&M Protection Resources overseeing explosive detection and physical security programs at several high profile sites in Manhattan.

Prior to joining T&M, he was part of a dynamic management/redevelopment team overseeing the $300 million dollar renovation of a super-regional shopping center in suburban New York City for Macerich, a national real estate investment trust. For this project Karl managed the implementation of a multi-million dollar security technology and infrastructure renovation/upgrade on the property including state of the art surveillance/access control system and fiber optic backbone. Before entering the private sector, Karl spent twenty years with the New York City Police Department, retiring in 2002 in the rank of Sergeant. During his NYPD tenure, Karl worked in several specialized commands including the Organized Crime Control Bureau and the Highway Patrol and Communications Division.

After leaving the NYPD, Karl joined a private security firm as Director of Special Projects. There Karl developed several cutting edge countermeasure technologies for use in the protection of private sector critical infrastructure. He developed an industry first chemical warfare agent/toxic industrial chemical detection system which was awarded DHS SAFETY act certification. He also spearheaded Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA 2002) maritime security program development, directing compliance efforts for several iconic passenger vessel operations in NY Harbor. As program manager he developed and implemented all aspects of vessel/facility security assessments, vessel/facility security plans, drills, exercises, compliance auditing & quality assurance, and security/safety training.

He is an adjunct instructor at the Global Maritime and Transportation School at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, where he conducts company/Vessel/Facility security officer courses. Karl served in the U.S. Coast Guard reserve in several units including the Atlantic Strike Team for HazMat/Spill response and Stations New York and Rockaway. He holds numerous law enforcement, firefighting and marine safety certifications and qualifications.


Rich Tedeschi   
Rich is a retired, decorated, member of the New York City Police Departmentís elite Emergency Services Unit, (ESU). Rich enjoyed a productive and successful law-enforcement career with the NYPD having worked in various specialized units that in addition to the ESU included the City Wide Anticrime/ Street Crime Unit and the Career Criminal Apprehension Unit. After retiring from the NYPD, Rich was recruited by the Chief Executive Officer of Ambase Corporation to serve as the companyís Director of Security for Ambase and all of its subsidiary companies which included insurance giant Home Insurance, Capitol Investment and US International Reinsurance.

After successfully leading the corporate security operations for Ambase Corporation, Rich was appointed as the Director of Federal Law Enforcement and Chief of Operations for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, East Rutherford Operations Center. In that capacity, Rich oversaw a team of Federal Law Enforcement officers and was directly responsible for the physical security of one of our nationís most critical financial entities. Supporting the physical security program of the Federal Reserve, he traveled the world conducting security assessments for international facilities to ensure our nationís financial reserves were safe and secure in places such as Frankfurt, Germany, Zurich, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore. After retiring from the Federal Reserve, Rich started his own firm; Wildwood Security Services, providing security consulting services for various clients. Rich enjoys an outstanding regional and national reputation for excellence in law-enforcement, private security and business.


Chris Brauer   
Chris Brauer retired from the NYPD as a Sgt, after serving for eleven years in the emergency service unit and as a detective for four years in the bomb squad. He was an assistant security director at Home Ins. co. in charge of physical and security for 19 buildings around the United States, and coordinated the executive protection team. He joined the MSA security company and after helping develop the explosive detection canine program he was instrumental in starting and expanding the "smart Tech" division of the company. This grew to a division with revenues over 3 million dollars. He then took over the coordination of security of the many conferences that MSA performed at including the Allen and Co. Sun Valley conference, Forstman Little Aspen, Co. conference, and the oversight USGA open for 3 years. Chris is currently the Managing Director of our Explosive Detection Division.


Dan Condon
Dan Condon is a retired supervisor from the New York Police Department (NYPD) Emergency Service Unit (ESU) Weapons of Mass Destruction Response Team. Before joining the NYPD he served as a public school teacher in New York City. After joining the NYPD, Dan was requested to serve as a law instructor at the NYPD Academy. He served several years in this capacity before being appointed to Organized Crime Control Bureau (OCCB) where he was promoted to the rank of Detective Investigator. While serving with the OCCB, he was selected for a one year mission with the United Nations International Police Task Force (IPTF). Dan served in both Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia. During this mission he instructed UN monitors and mission area police officers. Danís administrative and teaching skills earned him appointment as Director of the Sarajevo Police Academy. He also served on the IPTF Commissionerís Staff. When Dan returned to the NYPD, he worked several years as an investigator before being appointed to the NYPD Bomb Squad as a Bomb Technician and Canine Handler. Dan was promoted to the Rank of Sergeant and was assigned to the NYPD Housing Bureau Training Unit. He served as both the Bureauís Assistant Counter Terrorist Coordinator and Training Manager. After serving in this position for several years, Dan earned an appointment to ESU where he was promoted to the Rank of Sergeant Special Assignment. Throughout his NYPD career, Dan gained insightful experience with the Incident Command System (ICS) and tabletop exercises. He participated in numerous citywide emergencies. Lately, Dan has taken his experience into the classroom as an instructor. He has a graduate degree in Public Administration from Marist College and is working on a second graduate degree in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Columbia University. He holds numerous law enforcement and firefighting certifications and is on the teaching staff of the FEMA Center for Domestic Preparedness.


Richard L. Teemsma
Richard M. Teemsma brings an array of experiences to aid the goals of The Stapleton Group. He first dedicated his services to his country by serving in the United States Marine Corps from 1968 to 1971, and reaching the rank of Sergeant before his Honorable discharge. In the 1970's, Mr. Teemsma's love of aircraft brought him to the airline industry whereby he quickly rose to the level of Passenger Service/ Ground Operations Manager for Overseas National Airways' fleet of aircraft. His duties included overseeing ground operations throughout the USA, Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Saudi Arabia. This experience helped him better understand many different people under many different circumstances which later greatly benefitted his police career.

After 20 years of dedicated service with the NYPD and serving in elite units such as the Emergency Service Unit (6 years) and The Bomb Squad (10 years) Mr. Teemsma retired as a Senior Bomb Technician. In his final year of service, Mr. Teemsma was placed in charge of the department's Bomb Squad Explosive Range, developing render safe procedures (RSPs) along with the dissembling and storage of improvised explosive devices (IED's). Mr. Teemsma was an integrate part of an elite team that stopped the first modern-day attempt at a suicide bombing in New York City. For his actions, Mr. Teemsma received the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation's Prevention of an Act of Terrorism Award. These experiences, coupled with rigorous specialized training helped him gain valuable knowledge regarding the vast techniques and methods employed by terrorists of any kind.

Following his retirement, Mr. Teemsma would later be a part of the national effort to safeguard the country against domestic terrorism following the tragic events of September 11, 2001. With gratitude, Mr. Teemsma was able to give back to New York City and The NYPD when he accepted a position as a Consultant /Instructor with EAI/SAIC corporation. Working with the Center for Domestic Preparedness, Mr. Teemsma managed a specialized team of instructors with the development and placement of the elite NYPD Chemical, Ordnance, Biological. Radiological, Awareness (COBRA) unit, which trained more than 18,000 officers a year to distinguish and respond to terrorist threats. The success and likeability of this program led to many other police departments throughout the country to implement the program in their own jurisdictions. Rich also assisted The Los Angeles and Chicago Police departments through a "trainer to trainer" program, allowing them to develop and deploy their own "COBRA" units.


Keith Taylor
Keith Taylor worked over twenty years for the New York City Police Department as a decorated police officer, undercover narcotics detective, internal investigations supervisor, missing persons supervisor, planning and policy analyst, and most recently as a Sergeant Special Assignment for the Emergency Service Unit as its Personnel Officer. He was a Planning Team Manager for FEMA Urban Search and Rescue NY-TF 1, and is an emergency management instructor to first responder agencies nationwide. He is a Department of Homeland Security-certified Master Exercise Practitioner. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Howard University in Washington D.C., a Master of Arts degree from City College of New York, and most recently a Doctorate of Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. He attended the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School for a Master of Arts degree in Homeland Security. He is a member of both Phi Delta Kappa and Kappa Delta Pi national honoraries. Among Keithís affiliations are the American Society of Industrial Security, High Technology Crime Investigation Association, International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists, International Association of Law Enforcement Planners, International Association of Chiefs of Police, Fraternal Order of Police, the International Association of Professional Security Consultants, the National Tactical Officers Association, and the New York City Police Department Honor Legion. He is a recipient of both the New York City Police Department Sergeants Benevolent Associationís Certificate of Honor and the U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigationís Certificate of Recognition. He is on the Board of Directors of the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone and on the Board of Trustees of Harlemís St. Marks United Methodist Church. He received a citation for community service from the New York State Assembly and is a member of a New York City Community Board.


Michael Kenny
Michael Kenny served with the New York City Police Department for over twenty-eight years. He served in many capacities including the New York Police Departmentís elite Emergency Service Unit. He has over 23 years of supervisory experience. He performed patrol duties, plainclothes investigations and acted as a field trainer for over one hundred newly assigned police officers in the heart of Manhattan in the Midtown Precinct South. He was then selected to be assigned to the Detective Bureau, serving as the Robbery Investigations Module Commanding Officer. He was consequently assigned to the Detective Squad overseeing numerous high-profile and sensitive investigations.

He was then selected to the Emergency Service Unit, where after seven months of additional training he was assigned to Emergency Service patrol. He was also assigned to instruct at the Specialized Training School and served as the Tactical Training Supervisor. He has served as a tactical HHe Team Leader and Tactical Commander on hundreds of high-risk warrants and barricaded subject assignments. He is also a member of FEMA Urban Search and Rescue NY-TF 1 where he has served as a Rescue Squad Officer, Safety Officer, Hazardous Materials Manager and currently as Task Force Leader. He participated in the rescue missions to Mississippi for Hurricane Katrina and most recently to the earthquakes in the nation of Haiti assigned as Deputy Task Force Leader and Safety Officer. His experience in hazardous materials has led to an assignment as a member of the WMD/Hazmat Working Group for FEMA designing courses, selecting equipment, and designing procedures for the entire Urban Search and Rescue system. He has attended numerous training courses in Exercise Design, culminating in being designated as a Master Exercise Practitioner by FEMA. He was a facilitator in the National Level Exercise in 2011.

He has been involved in the training of first responders for almost ten years. He is an instructor for three members of the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium. He instructs in Incident Command, Disorder Control, Hazardous Materials, Tactical Operations, Active Shooter Response, all levels of radiological training and other areas. He is a Duty Officer for the Orange County Hazardous Materials Response Team and is a Captain, Firefighter EMT and training officer for the Coldenham Fire Department in Orange County, New York.


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