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A History of Success and Industry Leadership

Michael Stapleton, a true pioneer in explosives detection countermeasures and specialized physical security programs founded the preeminent security firm that bore his name in 1987, and he spearheads the Stapleton Group. Our mission is to provide industry leading and best of class specialized security services.

Michael Stapleton the founder of Michael Stapleton Associates and now Corporate Director at Stapleton Group, a premier provider of services that strengthen perimeter security programs by mitigating the threat of explosive devices, weapons-of-mass destruction, and high-consequence intruders. Our original and current business model leverages the unique knowledge, training and experience of retired and active members of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) Bomb Squad and Emergency Services Unit, as well as other elite law enforcement and military organizations.

Stapleton Group executives and staff bring years of unequaled knowledge and experience in the deployment of innovative security services such as Explosive Detection Canines, Remote X-Ray Screening support, Maritime/Aviation Security, and Chemical/ Biological/Radiological Threat detection, Special Events and High Risk perimeter protection. Additionally, the Stapleton Group is proud to once again be in the forefront of detection technology by offering Vapor Wake explosive detection canine services through our unique relationship with the Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine, Canine Detection Research Institute (CDRI). Our proprietary, state of the art Canine Training facility located in Marshalls Creek, Pennsylvania provides our teams with unrivaled mission-specific training on “live” explosives in realistic operational environmental scenarios. Stapleton Group is fully licensed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to possess explosives.

As industry leaders and innovators, Michael and Paul Stapleton have overseen the certification of two Explosive Detection Canine programs under the Department of Homeland Security “Safety Act”, certainly a unique and impressive accomplishment by any measure and testament to the effectiveness of our approach.

The Stapleton Group management team reunites several key members of the original management team that built a foundation of innovation and success. The Stapleton Group team possesses a rich history and tradition of quality service and unparalleled client support. We are dedicated to continuously building on this proven track record of achievements by consistently delivering the highest levels of service, customer satisfaction and return on investment.

The Stapleton Group’s mission is to provide “best in class” threat detection and specialized security services and programs tailored to the unique needs of our clients through close collaboration and true partnership bringing to bear the unsurpassed dedication, experience and expertise of our unique team of physical security professionals.

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The Best in Canine Security

Stapleton Group draws upon an unsurpassed and highly successful history of training and deploying the finest explosive detection canine teams in the United States. Our explosive detection canine teams are certified by the International Police Work Dog Association-Phase 2 and all of our canines train on live explosives at our state of the art canine training facility located in eastern Pennsylvania. We are proud to offer two types of explosive detector dogs; “Conventional” and “Vapor Wake”.


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